Winter Wonderland – Dec. 15th & 16th

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Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is LDP’s annual holiday show. Based on a book written by your very own LDP Dream Team this story walks you through a young dancer’s journey preparing to take the Winter Wonderland stage. From drinking hot cocoa and doing their hair, to the feeling of stepping out onto the stage this production is full of magical surprises!

Performance Details

Event Times:

Red Show | December 15th | 4:30pm

Orange Show | December 15th | 6:30pm

Purple Show | December 16th | 10:00am

Yellow Show | December 16th | 12:00pm

Green Show | December 16th | 2:30pm

Blue Show | December 16th | 4:30pm


Cordova High School Performing Arts Center: 2239 Chase Dr, Rancho Cordova, CA