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We partner with several local Homeschool Charters to enable your dancer to use their instructional funds for classes at LDP.

Our awesome partners!



Feather River




South Sutter

If you don’t see your school listed and would like to request we become a vendor at your school please contact!

How to get started?

Click the button to select a trial class. Let us know in the form if you are one of our homeschool partners.

Homeschool Vouchers

  • All accounts that pay via Homeschool Vouchers must pay tuition fees in accordance with the general payment schedule.

  • LDP’s billing specialist must receive clients’ voucher orders by the 15th of the previous month in order to provide the appropriate amount of time to invoice for the upcoming month.

  • Once registered, clients can check the balance via the LDP parent portal, LDP app, or phone at 916-668-8100.

  • Homeschool vouchers cannot be used to cover registration fees, experience fees, costume fees or any other fees that are outside of your monthly tuition.

  • LDP is happy to partner with several homeschool providers throughout the area. If LDP does not currently have a contract with a provider please feel free to reach out to to see if the provider can be added to the list.

  • The first month of the dancer’s season must be paid upfront. Homeschool vouchers do not get paid out until services are rendered therefore, families must cover their first month of tuition via a different form of payment.

  • All families participating in homeschool vouchers must have an updated credit card or bank account on file at all times.

  • $50 (individual) or $75 (family) Membership fee will be charged upon registration