Students learn discipline and artistry in a performance-driven environment.


Ballet forms the foundation for all styles of dance.

Students learn to control their movements, respond to the music and listen to their teacher.

Classes become more challenging but also more rewarding as they grow.


Connect with the beat and master your coordination with tap dancing lessons!

Not only is this type of dancing fast-paced and energetic, but it also improves your child’s memory, improvisation skills and musicality. The memorization of the steps keeps the mind focused which makes tap dance a great workout for the mind and body.


Jump into a fast-paced class in a fun energetic environment.

Explore movements ranging from the isolation of certain body parts to the movement of the entire body with the accents of musical rhythms.

In our jazz classes you will explore classic jazz, commercial jazz, and lyrical.

Hip Hop

We love the power and energy of hip hop!

This style proves that dance really is for everyone, with cool and funky moves.

Hip hop dancers love to impress, and we teach them how to do so.


Express yourself through athletic and full body movements.

Fusing all styles, this unique art form focuses on unexpected movement, self-expression, and freedom while simultaneously maintaining a strong focus on technique and storytelling.

Our contemporary classes utilize strong modern, ballet, and jazz foundations, and include an emphasis on improvisation.

Creative souls love contemporary dance.


Bend, twist and flex!

Acro skills are now expected of dancers and they are best learned early.

We recommend these classes for students who love to jump and bounce, or those who are serious about preparing for a dance career.