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At Leighton Dance Project, the safety of our clients is our top priority. In the event of a fire, earthquake, or building damage, we have established the following safety protocols for clients to ensure their well-being: 

If the building becomes unsafe, LDP staff will take the following steps to ensure the safety of our dancers, parents, and staff.

1. Alert

  1. Front Desk Staff will notify all instructors and clients in the hallways that it is necessary to leave the building promptly and calmly. 
  2. Dancers will follow the instructions of their dance instructor and clients within the hallways must follow the instructions of the Front Desk staff. 
  3. Instructors will guide their students in a safe and organized manner to exit through their designated studio doors ensuring the class stays together as a group. 
  4. Caution will be exercised while crossing the parking lot to reach the designated meeting area. 

2. Meeting Point

  • All clients, staff, and students will meet on the grass area across the parking lot. Your safety while crossing the parking lot is essential. 

3. Accountability

  • The Director on shift will check all areas, including hallways, student lounges, staff rooms, and restrooms, to ensure that everyone has evacuated safely and in a timely manner. 
  • The front desk staff will have an iPad with a list of individuals in the building and emergency contact information and will  account for all staff and students after exiting the building. 

4. Relocation (if necessary)

  • If it’s deemed safer to move further away from the building, the entire group will walk and gather in the large parking lot across the street at Lembi Park near the Wales Drive entrance. 

5. Parent and Caretaker Contact

  • Instructors will be responsible for contacting parents and caretakers for student pickup and class cancellations if the situation requires it. Parents and caretakers will receive a phone call from the studio number. 
  • Students will only be dismissed to parents and caretakers after being cleared by the instructor.


  • Teachers are accountable for the safety and well-being of  their students and any assistants until everyone has been picked up. 

In the event of:

An Earthquake

  • Students will be instructed to stand against an interior wall, away from the mirrors and windows, until the earthquake stops. 
  • Once safe, steps 1-5 will be followed as needed.

Threat within the studio

RUN – If  there is a safe escape route available, instructors will take their students and evacuate the building. Run as far as they can while keeping students safe and together. 

HIDE – If leaving the premises is not an option, instructors will lead their students to the faculty lounge and hide until help arrives.

FIGHT (last resort) – Fighting is the absolute last resort and will only be used if the staff member or students are in immediate danger with no alternative. 


Once safe, steps 1-5 will be followed as needed.

Handling Erratic or Threatening Situations Outside LDP Building:

  • This policy outlines the actions LDP staff take if erratic or threatening behavior by a non-sheltered individual outside the building requires the front door to be locked for safety. It also details communication with families who are affected by it.  Procedure: 
    1. Observation and Assessment: 
      1. Staff assess erratic or threatening behavior near the building. 
      2. If there’s an immediate threat, staff act quickly. 
    2. Lockdown Procedure:
      1. Front door is locked for safety if needed.
    3. Communication with Families: 
      1. Staff email families explaining the situation and advising them to contact LDP via text for assistance during lockdown.
    4. Support and Reopening:
      1. Staff will monitor and coordinate with law enforcement if necessary.
      2. The front door is reopened once the situation is safe.

Response to Dancer Injuries at LDP:

This policy outlines the procedures to be followed when a dancer sustains an injury at LDP, distinguishing between minor and serious injuries, and ensuring prompt and appropriate action for the well-being of the injured dancer. 


Minor Injuries:

  1. Front Desk Communication:
    1. In the event of a minor injury, the front desk staff will immediately contact the primary parent or guardian of the injured dancer. 
    2. The parent or guardian will be asked whether they wish to pick up their child early. 
  2. Incident Report: 
    1. The staff member who was present during the injury will promptly complete an incident report, documenting the details of the injury, its location, and any treatment administered. 
    2. A copy will be made of the incident report and one will be given to the parent and one will be kept on file at LDP.
  3. Follow-up Check-In:
    1. The front desk staff will follow up with the parent or guardian the following day to inquire about the well-being of the injured dancer and provide any necessary updates or information. 

Serious Injuries: 

  1. Immediate Medical Assistance: 
    1. If the dancer’s injury is serious and they are unable to move or unconscious, one LDP staff member will immediately call 911 to request emergency medical assistance. 
    2. Simultaneously, another LDP staff member will contact the primary parent or guardian on file to inform them of the situation.