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•Helps your child learn simple rules.

•Prepares a dancer’s mind for learning.

•Helps your child move freely in each specific genre of dance.

•Allows our faculty to see and correct proper body alignment for your child’s overall success in gaining technique, strength, posture, and flexibility.

•Will help a child feel more confident and stand taller in class

•Will help them go for those cool moves in hip hop, tap, jazz, contemporary and ballet!

Dress code matters.

So just like the paint brushes, paint, and tools we need to create art our LDP dress code is equally as important in helping our dancers execute their dance moves in class.

Pee Wee (18 months-3 years)

Itty Bitty (Tk-K)

Starlet /Petite (1st - 2nd Grade)

Mini / Junior (3rd - 6th Grade)

Junior / Teen (5th-8th Grade)

Teen / Senior (8th-12th Grade)