It's time for Season 12 Evaluations

How do evaluations work?

Date: May 3rd | May 4th 

Dancers Mini age-Senior will come in to be evaluated by our Artistic Directors and LDP staff in Ballet, Tap, Jazz/Contemporary, and Hip Hop.

Come prepared for each style with shoes, clothes, and other necessities needed for you to feel prepared and ready to go.

Our evaluations schedule will be coming soon.

Fill out our interest form to let us know which program you’d like to evaluate for.

Which eval do I attend?

NEW to LDP: Attend May 3rd | 4-8pm
Current Cutie Club/Club Dancers: Attend May 3rd | 4-8pm
Current Spotlight Dancers: Attend May 3rd | 4-8pm
Current Crew Dancers: Attend May 3rd | 4-8pm (required) || May 4th 1-5pm (optional) if you would like to evaluate in the Company program
Current Company Dancers: Attend May 4th | 1-5pm

*Please keep both days available as LDP may request to see you on May 4th after attending the May 3rd evaluation.

What are evaluations?

Evaluations serve as an opportunity for us to look at every dancer individually and where they are in their journey. 

Why do we do evaluations?

At LDP, we believe that each dancer is on a unique and personal journey of self-discovery through movement. Our commitment to nurturing that journey is at the core of our philosophy, and this is precisely why we conduct evaluations as an integral part of our Crew and Company programs.

Understanding the dancer’s Journey:

Evaluations serve as a window into the individual dancer. We take this as an opportunity to truly look at YOU the dancer and where you are in your dance journey—your experiences, your strengths, and the areas where we can provide growth. This process allows us to appreciate the diversity of our dance community and tailor our programs to meet the specific needs of each dancer to prepare them for the industry path they want to take.

Crafting the Artistic Season:

Evaluations also serve as the foundation for crafting the artistic side of our season. By understanding the strengths and styles of our dancers, we curate performances that showcase the collective talent and individuality within our community. This artistic collaboration brings a richness to our shows, making each performance a true reflection of the diverse artistic entity that is LDP.

Finalizing Training Track Schedules:

Beyond performances, competitions, additional opportunities, and artistic conversation, evaluations play a crucial role in finalizing our training track schedules. We strive to create a curriculum that challenges and nurtures dancers at every level. The insights gained during evaluations help us refine and personalize our training programs, ensuring that each dancer receives the guidance and support needed to excel in their dance journey. We design our training tracks based on what we see throughout the season in the industry, where the dancers are physically and emotionally, and what we feel is important at that time within their journey.

Placement with Purpose:

Once evaluations are complete, our Directors carefully analyze the gathered insights to thoughtfully place each dancer into the group that best suits their current skills and aspirations. This intentional placement ensures that every dancer is surrounded by like-minded peers, fostering a supportive environment for growth. We spend COUNTLESS hours in our decisions ensuring we talk through every single dancer and their journey from the time they step foot in the program until the time they graduate.


Let’s chat… Our callbacks are designed to ensure that we see every dancer. Sometimes, we might need to call you back to watch you groove alongside another group or to catch those dance moves in a different light. If you would like to evaluate for both Crew and Company then you will attend both days. If you would ONLY like to evaluate for Crew we may ask you to come back the following day to ensure your dancer is seen and placed in their appropriate group.

At LDP we have a place for every dancer, and our recommendation is truly within their best interest. How does the dancer fit into the program, and most importantly how does the program benefit the dancer. We are looking at the journey of a dancer from the time they join us to their senior year, making sure they are ready for any path they would like to take in our programming.

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Evaluation Clinics

What is the Evals 101 clinic?

Evals 101 clinic is designed to help dancers and parents navigate evaluations on May 3rd and/or 4th. From a first timer to a seasoned “auditioner”, this clinic will provide insight into LDP’s version of auditions.

Bonus: We will have a parent chat with Ms. Kelli to help parents know how to support your dancer(s) through evals and learn more about our programming next season.