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Is performance thrilling to your dancer?

The Spotlight program is the face of LDP at many community events!

This program is for dancers who want to explore multiple styles of dance. Spotlight dancers take a minimum of three classes per week.

Spotlight Classes

What classes do I need to take?

Spotlight dancers are required to take 3 classes. One of which is your Spotlight required class and 2 additional classes in your age group. Click below to view our schedule.

Spotlight FAQ's

Itty Bitty Spotlight dancers are required to enroll in the Spotlight rehearsal class as well as 1 additional class in any style they choose.

Starlet/Petite and older dancers are required to enroll in the Spotlight rehearsal class as well as 2 additional classes in any styles they choose. 

The Spotlight class is 45 minutes for our Itty Bitty and Starlet/Petite age groups and then it moves to 1 hour for our Mini/Junior and Teen/Senior groups. 

Our Spotlight rehearsal class will be a blend of Jazz and Hip Hop!

Our rehearsal class is where dancers will learn the choreography they will perform in community events as well as their Winter Wonderland and Annual Review dances. Dancers will learn movement, practice formations, transitions, performance skills and memorization. 

Spotlight dancers will have the opportunity to perform in 2-3 community events each session (fall and spring). These performances are free to attend and participate in. They generally draw a large audience which is super fun for our awesome Spotlight dancers. 

The ideal dancer for our Spotlight program is someone who loves to dance and is looking for even more opportunities to perform! 

All Spotlight rehearsal classes are on Tuesdays. For the additional classes, we do offer some that back up to our Spotlight rehearsal classes but also many other options on other days of the week. 

We have our TK and Kindergarten dancers in our Itty Bitty group. 

1st and 2nd graders are our Starlet/Petite dancers.

3rd-6th graders are in our Mini/Junior group.

7th-12th graders are in our Teen/Senior group.


Yes! Our community events choreography will be different from show choreography. We do typically find one community performance close to our Winter Wonderland and Annual Review shows that gives our dancers a chance to perform in their Winter Wonderland and Annual Review costumes. One more chance to perform in those amazing costumes.

Ms. Megan will be teaching the Itty Bitty and Starlet/Petite Spotlight groups and Ms. Katrina will be teaching the Mini/Junior and Teen/Senior groups. While Ms. Katrina is on maternity leave at the beginning of the season, Ms. Megan will be teaching all Spotlight groups. 

Ready to join Spotlight?! You can enroll online or reach out to Ms. Megan and she can set you up. 

Having our older groups take 3 classes supports the LDP mission of helping our dancers be well rounded in their dancing and instruction. The rehearsal class is a great opportunity to learn how to learn choreography and focus on performance skills. The additional technique classes allow our Spotlight dancers to continue to grow and build on foundational skills so they can give their best in the community performances. 

The costume fee is the same as all cutie club/club dancers. For cutie club it is $75/class and for club it is $85/class. 

There is NO audition to be a part of the Spotlight program! That is one of the benefits of our program is it is open to anyone who wants what we have to offer!

The Spotlight program is a 10 month program. We love for our Spotlight dancers to commit to the full season as they build relationships with their dance friends, learn about teamwork and understand commitment. 

The only additional fee is a one time $100 fee that covers the dancers performance uniform that they will wear at all events besides those that we choose to wear our Winter Wonderland and Annual Review costumes.