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Teaching classical foundations in an engaging class environment.

Students from age 2 – 18 are can jump into ballet and have a blast learning new skills, classroom etiquette, and so much more.


We consider ballet the foundation of many styles of dance. Ballet develops many skills in children including discipline and grace.

While your child learns to leap at new heights and bound across the floor, they will also develop muscle strength, flexibility and poise.

Classes become more challenging but also more rewarding as they grow.

Suitable for all age groups

Children start learning ballet and other styles from as early as two years old and can join additional programs with a focus on performance and competition.

Check out our combo classes for younger dancers to see how your dancer can start their Ballet journey.

What to Wear to Folsom Ballet Classes

At LDP we have designed a class dress code for each age group that compliments their dance training. If it’s your first class don’t worry about our dress code. Please jump in and experience our classes before buying anything fancy!


We hold ballet classes in Folsom on weekdays and Saturdays. Come along and get to know our wonderful students and teachers.

Take a look at our schedule to find out more.


View our pricing page for more information and don’t forget to enroll for a trial class.