We believe that ethics – moral principles, standard practices, and even etiquette – are important elements in the dance world and should be part of a dancer’s education. We, the dancers, faculty and staff of LDP, are a vibrant community of people who have a high regard for each other, the art of dance, and the value of the work we do. All who participate must demonstrate a willingness to adhere to our fundamental guidelines. In all our endeavors to study and perform, we demand respect for parents, peers, the staff and faculty of LDP, and all of the wider dance community, including our competition. Some of these characteristics include integrity, leadership, responsibility, character and professionalism. A student’s behavior in class is considered to directly reflect his or her respect for these values.

At LDP, we instill an appreciation for other dancers and ALL genres of dance. It is not our objective to compare ourselves to anyone else; rather, it is our goal to motivate our kids and faculty to represent our best abilities in a cohesive and student-centered environment. Being a team player is an important part of dance. We have prepared this special code of ethics to help you better understand your commitment.

Student’s Code of Ethics

I will arrive 10 minutes early to class.
I will wear the proper dance attire or be prepared to sit out of class.
I will wear my hair pulled back neatly and securely off my face.
I will use the restroom before, between or after class (not during).
I will serve as a proper role model to the younger dancers at all times by using appropriate language and behavior.
I will respect my parents and teachers at all times before, during, and after class.
I will not talk in class while my teacher is giving instructions.
I will be polite to all students and staff members.
I will wear LDP clothing and logo-wear to all special performances.
I will arrive at performances with all accessories, props, and designated shoes and costumes ready.
I will wear the hairstyle requested by my choreographer.
I will read weekly emails and be responsible for all upcoming dates and special events.
I will bring only my dance supplies and water into the studio rooms.
At performances/competitions, I will keep my dance area clean and keep track of my costumes, accessories and shoes.
I understand that I can be dismissed from class for misbehavior.

Parent’s Code of Ethics

I recognize the importance of dance in the lives of young people; I will participate in my child’s dance activities in accordance with the following:

I will promote teamwork and sportsmanship for all dancers and spectators in a positive manner.
I will not question the judgment of any faculty member or choreographer.
I will always represent myself carefully at the studio and at any outside performances I may attend with my child.
I will at all times be considerate of all dancers’ and parents’ collective emotions.
I will direct all relevant inquiries to the LDP staff.
I will encourage my child to the best of my ability at all times.
I will not make a negative judgment on my child’s performance and I will be there only to support.
I will always support and applaud the efforts of all dancers.
I will meet all financial requirements in a timely manner.


It is expected that all LDP students attend their regularly scheduled classes. Any student with poor attendance will miss out on classroom instruction and quickly fall behind in his or her training. All classes that have been missed should be made up through attendance of another comparable class.

* Any classes that are missed because of other dance experiences will not be counted against a student’s attendance record.


Costume payment is the responsibility of the parents or guardians of the dancer. Most classes will require a costume.

The average cost of a costume is between $50 and $75. For company and team dancers, this is covered by the annual fee.

NO EXCEPTIONS:  Costumes must be clean, wrinkle-free, and completely stitched and fitted before any performance.


Shoes are required for class and are necessary for practicing skills in the shoe that will be used to perform.

For performances it is important that the shoes are clean and that they fit well in order for the student to perform his or her best.