Our Story


Award-WInning Choreographer, Kelli Leighton, started with a dream.

Leighton Dance Project was created from the idea that your dance studio can be your second home. Not only can you learn to love dance, and grow as an artist, you can feel safe and confident in your relationships that form. The LDP Educational Team is accessible to parents and students alike.

Kelli’s approach to teaching is to instill hard work and dedication, exploring the strength that radiates from within, allowing for self expression and growth, nurturing a safe learning environment that fosters a life long love for dance. Kelli often teaches her students to carry their classroom learning into their day to day life through journaling. By expressing emotions and experiences through writing, it allows the brain to process the information and lock it into place.

At Leighton Dance Project, we offer a nurturing environment where learning and growth are always the first priority. We value discipline and technique as crucial components of dance instruction, but believe that the passion and spirit behind this training must also be constantly nourished. We celebrate dance as a tremendously powerful art form, and therefore seek to provide a complete and well-rounded education to any dancer who seeks to obtain it. We strive to cultivate an atmosphere of camaraderie and respect where students can succeed amidst the support of those who share their passion. We especially hope to instill in our students the drive to accomplish their goals and anticipate the moments when we can witness and share in their triumph.

The faculty at LDP is committed to building a solid foundation from the ground up, with clear goals and expectations from day one. Classes are taught by a cohesive, highly qualified, and professional staff whose utmost priority is to see that each student fulfill his or her highest potential. At Leighton Dance Project, we have a place for every dancer.