LDP Studio


At LDP, we take great pride in our studio. Designed and space planned by Kelli Leighton—We offer 6 Studios, Wide Halls, a Student Study/Hangout Lounge, and a spacious Costume Closet!

We seek to instill a strong foundation of skills in our students. To do this, we recognize the need to have a sturdy foundation ourselves. As we've built our institution from the ground up, we have created a space where students are free to explore without judgement under the guidance of the LDP Educational Team, who have access to every resource necessary, providing the highest quality of instruction.

Please Come By For A Tour!

  • A state-of-theart building, 7700 square feet and completely remodeled

  • 6 large studios, fitted with top-of-the-line sprung floors and individually equipped to accommodate the needs of each specific genre, so as to ensure that no student experiences unnecessary injury

  • Ballet studio can be split into two working studios to maximize use of space when needed

  • Professional-grade sound systems and soundproof dividing walls

  • Flat-screen TVs to provide instant video playback as a visual teaching tool

  • Lobby with viewing monitor for parents to see what is happening in each studio

  • Student Lounge with amenities such as stretching bands and rollers, a refrigerator and microwave, and cubbies for dance and school bags, making it a perfect place to do homework between classes

  • Security cameras to ensure child safety and to protect personal property

  • Wifi provided on-site