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Our Company program is a pre-professional program with a special focus on technique and performance. Dancers who should consider this program are those who are dedicated and passionate.

With a vigorous training schedule, Company dancers train a minimum of 13-20 hours per week. These hours prepare them for 3 major stage performances, competitions, conventions, and one of our favorite projects at LDP; Taking Flight – featuring choreographic works by our Graduating Seniors. The time commitment is substantial, and students of this program are supported and nurtured to reach their goals.

Company dancers take class in a variety of styles including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acro, and more.

Preparing for a future on the stage

At LDP we believe that cross-training is key in a young dancer’s journey. The more they can develop their skills and be well-rounded performers, the more success they will enjoy in later years.

For students who end up taking different pathways in life, having their Company experience on their resume will help them to stand out.

Despite the more intense level of this program, we are focused on supporting and encouraging students in their journey.

Your future is brighter with dance in it

With a solid dance foundation in your back pocket, you are prepared for everything life has to offer you. Our alumni have gone on to become not only professional dancers, educators and choreographers, but have excelled in other professional fields. With dance, the sky is the limit!

Company is by application only. Contact us to find out more.

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